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Based on his last two records, you’d swear that Ryan Hoffman has been lost in a forest for the past couple years.

So, when he mentions that the band is already writing music for the next record, one question comes to mind. What forest imagery will the next record be named after? - more at Pittsburgh Current

If you keep your imagination open, songs can come from the darndest places — like a cuckoo clock

That’s the case with “Fulcrum Chalet,” one of the highlights from the new EP from Ryan Hoffman and the Pioneers that sounds a bit like the New Pornographers unplugged. - more at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

…exquisitely textured Hoffman & the Pioneers’ synth-folk release, “In the Alps”

Hip stuff, but accessible and alluring, too, in a Fleet Foxes kind of way, with dual male and female vocals. - more at Beaver County Times

The world pauses a bit when Ryan Hoffman and the Pioneers play ‘Fulcrum Chalet

What a glorious friend. Get familiar. It’s comfy. - more at Come Here Floyd


New Releases: from Ryan Hoffman

Delicate and precise, Ryan Hoffman’s The Pines is a gentle foray into full-band folk-drenched indie rock. Hoffman manages to pen lyrics and guitar melodies that pair with moving strings to evoke a feeling of longing and emotional hunger, as exemplified on “View and the Void.” - more at Pittsburgh City Paper

Ryan Hoffman Takes us Through the Wilderness with “The Pines”

The Pines by songwriter Ryan Hoffman is a deeply atmospheric album encumbered with a sense of rural space and contemplative introspection. Hoffman’s vocal style, which is clearly influenced by classic literary songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, weaves poetic narratives within finely wrought arrangements which span from sparse and simplistic to complex and ornate. - more at Sound Scene Express